Friday, December 21, 2007

Good sort of bad....

It's a good sort of bad when you realize pretty much all of your bras and underwear are way too big for you.

I have to shop for those kinda things soon.

That is all.


Shannon said...


Scott K. Johnson said...

Good sort of bad is right! Way to go!

Kerri. said...

LOL! That is the oddest and best news I've heard yet. :D

kitter said...

Woot Nic!!

I just bought all new panties and bras myself... the friggin bras got bigger, and the panties smaller.

Go figure.


Bad Decision Maker said...

When I get smaller, it comes outta my boobs first. Like, if I lose 1% of my body weight, I lose like 30% of my boobs. It's annoying, not because the size bothers me, but because having to buy new bras is annoying!

Hope you found some good bargains at least :-)