Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It's been awhile. Life seems to change every day. Ever feel like the definition of home isn't actually set until you're back to where you started from? (And I mean "started from" literally) Well, that's kinda where I'm at.

My heart is all swirly, twittery, achy.

My head is filled with dreams - both fulfilled and yet to be. Filled with certainty and uncertainty. Filled with laughter and tears and so many other things.

My body is being less than cooperative, as is usually the case when my heart is twirling and my head is filled.

But I'm here - and I'm alive - and I'm working and playing and writing and loving.

And that last seems to matter most.

Hope all is well for you. Stay tuned for more here and at Blogabetes very, very soon.

I promise.