Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Favor from the OC (Did you hear that echo???)

I know it's been quiet around here of late!

But, I'm still alive.... :)

And I'm hoping that you might do me a favor... And maybe yourself too!

My boyfriend's band is in a battle of the bands competition. They could win a trip to Las Vegas for a gig. And guess what? Just by voting, you get a chance to win a trip as well.

The band name is The Gobshites. Though the thing is, the contest makers have dubbed them The Gobsh1tes. Apparently, the name of the band didn't sit well with them!

So if you go here

Register - it takes two seconds.

And then vote for The Gobsh1tes. If you do it, I'll be for-ever and ever and ever grateful!!!!