Thursday, December 20, 2007

Address Collection

So... I am bad at sending Christmas Cards. And have resorted to the idea of sending Valentines this year.

Would you guys please email me your addresses? I need exact places to send these things.

Thank you. N


in search of balance said...

Me! I'll make you a special Valentine card in return. WIth lots of complementary Gnome love.


Shannon said...

I sent out New Year's cards one year.

My husband, the Jew, got on my case this year to send out cards on time. He even addressed them!

Kerri. said...

Do you have mine? I think you do. I have no memory anymore. :D

Nicole P said...

I do have it, K.

- N

kitter said...

You have mine... which reminds me, my package to you came back, apparently some idiot (cough!) addressed it wrong... would you send me your address please, Miss P??

love ya!