Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This Time Of Year

This time of year brings a flood of feeling for me. Both joyous - you know, watching my nephews and niece open their Christmas surprises and not so joyous - missing those who've gone and who I miss with all of my heart.

My Nana Helen is one of those people. She was amazing. She gave me so much in the time I had with her. She's pictured below. And in the other photo with her, my Papa Bob (she married him the summer I was born, the photo is from that day) and my Grammie Carrell. Grammie Carrell could play poker, smoked like a chimney and had the most incredible sense of humor. I remember at my brother's high school graduation dinner, when my dad got his wallet out to pay, she cracked the whole place up saying "I saw the moths fly out of there."

What I wouldn't do to have them back.


Donna said...

I had a Nana Helen, too. Actually, I called her Mamaw Helen & so did my kids. She's been gone 11 years now. I was very close to her as I grew up in the house next door to her. I miss her a lot & wish she was here for the holidays. But since you reminded me of her today (without even knowing it), I think she is here in my heart. I hope you feel the happiness of your loved ones who are no longer physically with you, too. Thanks for the reminder. Happy holidays!

Nicole P said...

Aw, Donna - thanks for you note and reminding me that they're really here with me - if I just look.