Sunday, October 14, 2007

Guess whose pump died?


The new one.

The upgrade.

That is one. month. old.


This sucks.

And why exactly does my pump always decide to do this on the weekend?


Rachel... said...

Whaaa? again?

Not during Making Strides, I hope...

Nicole P said...

Yup. Again.

At 4am this morning, when I was getting ready to get to the event... Urg.

Luckily, even though I got my upgrade, I had not yet sent back my old pump - and I realized after an initial freak out and call to the doctor to get some long-acting - that I still had it! Anyway... My old pump is hanging in fine... And thankfully, today wasn't a total diabetes disaster...


Chrissie in Belgium said...

I am so sorry your pump has died, and on the weekend..... I am still so moved by your last entry singer that I am now crying about your pump and the whole f#&!ing mess of the world we live in today. There are so many things wrong, the little and the big. The composite is just too scary.

Johnboy said... glad you had a backup. I know how much this sucks. Great job on the walk!

Nicole P said...

Chrissie - Thank you. I know there are so many things a mess, but at least the composite holds *some* beauty - some people who are amazingly right. I cling to that when I feel like the wrongness might crush me.

JB - Thanks.

Penny said...

Oh, Nicole. That sucks.

Nicole P said...

Thanks, Penny. It does suck. Even the fact that I have a back up doesn't help so much - because the infrared adapter Cozmo sent me so I could get information out of software and into the pump doesn't work anymore... Therefore, I have no access to my information from the broken pump - and no access to the information through the computer. Call be Guessing Gail today, I guess... Har har. Frustrating. - N