Sunday, October 14, 2007

I Run For Life

"They cut into my skin, they cut into my body, but they'll never get a piece of my soul."

This song, played at Making Strides in Providence today, is amazing. I'm sure many of you have heard it.

Bob and I talk often about certain artists that have voices that are rather otherwordly - not only that you know right away, but that touch something in your core. They are goosebump artists. Melissa Etheridge, in my opinion, is one of those artists. She clearly writes and performs from her heart - exposing her weakness, her strength, her everything.

This video isn't the best quality and you'll have to get over Oprah's little dance, but if you imagine this song playing as more than 10,000 people start out walking - running - for life, for those they'd lost - and those who still fight, for hope - you'll get an idea of the kind of day I had.

Inspiring. Beautiful. Exactly what I needed.


Colleen said...

It was truly nifty today! Glad you had a good day, also.

Rachel... said...

Melissa Etheridge is awesome. And the song is so empowering at BC events.

-Rachel (RFTC Denver - 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007; Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Denver - 2006).

Nicole P said...

She is awesome. :)

And it gave me chills this morning.


Chrissie in Belgium said...

There are NO words that express adequately my emotions on hearing this! Thank you for bring it to me, Nicole. THANK YOU!

Nicole P said...

Colleen - Congratulations to you! And thank you. :) -

Chrissie - You are most welcome.