Tuesday, October 16, 2007

La La La

Yeah. I got bit by a spider yesterday. I still have the creepy crawlies. I ended up at the Urgent Care to get epi and antibiotic... These thing were given in my body's biggest muscle. And I'm not talking about my brain. Ack! Stingy. Ouch.

Steroid cream has calmed the rash on my leg from the allergic reaction, but my bloodsugars are being kept in line with a drastically increased basal rate and correction ratio. Ug.

New pump arrived this morning. I have been directed that I MUST send back both the broken 1800 and the 1700 that I had kept when they sent my upgrade. I'm not feeling confident, given the 1 month lifespan of my first 1800. Also, since my infrared adapter doesn't work anymore, I have to program everything by hand. Double Ug.

For those interested readers, a couple of new things here: Think On Things...

And although I have nothing new at Blogabetes, my fellow bloggers do - check them out, please... I'll be posting something new tomorrow.


Amylia said...

What is "Think of Things?"

It says it's invitation only. May I see it?

Thanks! Oh, and sorry about the spider bite and the pain in the butt! :)

Nicole P said...

Absolutely, Amylia. I just added you. - Nicole

Penny said...


I am not scared of most things. I have a healthy respect for snakes and things like that, but I am terrified of spiders. I HATE THEM!!

If I see one I won't kill it myself because I don't want to get that close to it. Michael is my hero and kills all of the spiders for me.

I got bit by one as a kid and my foot swelled to 2 times it's normal size. Sorry about your bite, I'm sure it's not helping your sugars any.

And, I'm glad you got your new pump.

Mandy said...

I'm sorry to hear you are having such bad luck lately.

Silly little spider. Even though I'm on insulin, I HATE SHOTS!!!!! I would definitely put out a wanted poster for the eight legged crawler who forces me to get a "real" shot.

I'm sure with new pump in hand, and medical emergencies behind you, things will be on the upswing.

Johnboy said...

That bites...really. BTW, what is the biggest muscle in the body? The calf?

Also, why can't I get that song by The Who out of my head now? :s

Re: the pump. I understand the fear of getting rid of the backup, but I also know that Smith's is cracking down on the whole non-return issue. If it's not back in 30 days, the will send you an invoice for the pump for something like $3,500. Just wanted you to know in case you weren't already aware.

Nicole P said...

Oh, Penny, how I hate those things. Ugh. I hate bugs in general, but spiders are especially creepy. How is it that an insect can have HAIR??? Ew.

Yeah, Mandy - trying to get my karmic mindset on straight. Bad out, bad in as they say. My attitude has been off - so I'm sure I'm attracting this bad junk. Or it could just be circumstance... ;) Re: shots - the needle itself didn't hurt at all in either case - but man, the medicinie burned something awful... Insulin's got nothing on either of the chemicals I got.

JB - Oh, you're funny. :P At least with Boris, the human came out on top, so to speak. I know - they warned me I'd be charged if they didn't get both back... Urg. Irritating.

Shannon said...

My biggest fear about spiders is getting bit by one. I've heard stories about how nasty their bites can be as your bite was.

Bernard said...


Sorry to hear about the spide. La La La indeed. Ever since I shared a cubicle with a co-worked and his pet tarantula they don't bother me as much. But a bite! Ouchie.

I hope those antibiotics kick in real soon. And an epipen, double youch.

Can I get an invite also?

Nicole P said...

S - It IS nasty as all hell. Especially when you are apparently allergic... :S

Bernard - Sure - but I need an email address to do it.