Friday, June 29, 2007

An Update

Bloodsugar finally down to 139. Check

Excellent DOC friend emailed to give support re: Gert. Feeling better about the whole thing. Check

Deadline met. Check

Sh*t together. Yeah right... Not in less than four hours

So a little break. Right?


Shannon said...

I'm happy to see your updates are good! What a nice DOC friend you have there ;)

Jeff jacked up Brendon's basal rates and he woke at a 96 this morning. His 1st number under 250 in days.

My update is good too :)

Nicole P said...

I do have a very good friend there. :)

I'm so glad your update is good.

I popped back up yesterday - then came crashing down... Just an all out bad day.

But - the good news is I was down to 100 at midnight today, 150 (a bit elevated, but not horrible this AM), and after exercise, I was 130... So....

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Hej,I LIKE good updates!