Thursday, October 11, 2007

Posting Machine - Better Late Than Never - Word Geek

OK - so why didn't this make it to the blog back in July when I wrote it? Distraction? Idiocy? Who knows... But here it is now - for your reading pleasure....I even went back and found the relevant links so that it made sense...

Merriam-Webster just came out with its new word list...

Here it is:

1. agnolotti
2. Bollywood
3. chaebol
4. crunk
5. DVR
6. flex-cuff
7. ginormous
8. gray literature
9. hardscape
10. IED
11. microgreen
12. nocebo
13. perfect storm
14. RPG
15. smackdown
16. snowboardcross
17. speed dating
18. sudoku
19. telenovela
20. viewshed

If you go here, you can find definitions for all twenty "new" words.

I love - and I know you will too, Shannon and Kerri, that "smackdown" made the list. For those who have to refer to the link to get a definition - I'll use the word in a sentence (or sentences) - "Kerri laid the smackdown on diabetes during her recent rafting trip." and "Shannon lays the smackdown on grown men when she triathlons."

My other favorites this year: Bollywood, perfect storm, speed dating and sudoku.

I'm a sudoku maniac...

The word that was most jarring for me this year was IED - Improvised Explosive Device.

Oh, this list seems rather cheap though. Shall we try to use them all in a paragraph? Maybe not... But here's a couple of good opening sentences if we were to try:

I went to Bollywood last year, just after the perfect storm, where I met up with two ginormous speed dating freaks who were eating massive bowls of agnolotti. They weren't much fun, the two freaks, with their secretive ways, they went to the bathroom a lot too - like diabetics who liked to crunk. In the end, I decided that they must be secret agents with lots of gray literature about IEDs to discuss and I retired to my hotel to watch a telenovela and lay the smackdown on a five-star sudoku puzzle.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Scrabble words. I'm off to lay a ginormous smackdown on you while listening to crunk.

Kerri. said...

This is the best post OF ALL TIME.

Nocebo is my personal favorite. Nocebo, nocebo. My inner monologue sounds like Beavis - "Hee hee, nocebo!"

Nicole P said...

Oh, and my favorite two ladies are my first repondents... :)

A ginormous smackdown... snicker, snicker (ala Butthead)

And Kerri LOF-ingL

George said...

Dang, i thought for sure Ninjabetic would make the cut! Oh well, I guess I am not crunk enough.

Hey. What about emo? I use emo all the time. Next year. I'll bet on that one.

Sweet post BTW.

You rock. you know tho huh? :)

Sue said...

Nice post thanks.