Thursday, April 05, 2007

More Questions

So, I'm obnoxious. But I wanted to do this again, because George's questions to another blogger were so damned good...

1. If you could have your face on a box of breakfast cereal, which one would you choose?
Kix – because it was the first non-sugared cereal I actually liked as a kid. In my opinion, Kix was the diabetic’s dream cereal before insulin pumping and increased numbers of daily injections became the norm. Yummy – not filled with corn syrup – kid tested, Curious Girl approved…

2. Name 5 things that you will do before 2008 that you have never done before (or at least what you would like to do)?
*Stick to an exercise routine
*Try to write something I might get paid for
*Take a 2 week vacation during which I actually vacation – ie: don’t check emails, phone messages, etc.
*Touch a sleeping lion
*Keep my house spotless (this is the least likely of the 5 to actually happen)

3. If a cartoon character came to life and had to live with you forever, which one would be your pick and why?
Probably the Great Gazoo. Come on – who wouldn’t want to tap the brain of a power-tripping genius alien who’s visited both the future – and prehistoric Bedrock? Plus, he’s dippy, but he’s cute.

4. If you could choose one year of your life to live over again, which one would you choose?
I don’t think I’d live a year over again at all. Knowing the things I know now, I’d probably change things, thus royally screwing them up and altering the destinies of myself and others. OK, that’s probably a bit egocentric to think my life could have any power over any kind of destiny. I guess, if I had to choose, I’d go back to the year I met Bob – or any of the years since. My life has pretty much been excellent since I ran into that man.

5. If you could give your life to change something in the world, would you and what would you change?
I’d die to make people less resentful, less angry, less poisonous. It is my true belief that most of our worldly dilemmas come not from the things that are part of our natural existence – things like disease and death – but from some people’s inability to deal with them effectively. Too many people harbor grudges against others and anger at themselves and those around them (usually stemming from imagined failures or wrongs) – these things are like pollutants – they affect all of us. Even if we’re not in the direct line of fire of a person’s anger – the sheer karmic negativity gets inside of us and spurns more of the same.

I guess I could’ve said I’d cure something – or I’d stop war – or something else that sounds really earth shattering. But the truth is, I think some of us need to suffer – need to have diseases and in the end – ALL of us need to die. If there was something, though, to make us more able to deal with our living and dying and stay more positive – I feel like we wouldn’t have half the trouble we’ve got in our world now.


George said...

Well I don't know how great these questions were but your answers were amazing. and I lmao at the Kix box, that was awesome!

Your answer to the last question is perfect. I also believe that our inability to deal with stuff is what spawns so much hate and drama. You are a very amazing person. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

OMG, if I saw your face on a box of Kix, I'd buy it :)

You must've been super cute as a kid.

And that last answer was indeed perfect, like George said.

Shannon said...

Anonymous was me.....

Scott K. Johnson said...

Great answers!

Nicole P said...

George - Aw - thanks, I'm honestly honored by your response. I really liked your questions - the perfect mixture of fun and serious :). And I love me some Kix...

Shannon - My mom says she had to defend the shopping cart when I was little because strangers would walk up and gawk or want to touch me... Creepy. But she thinks it's because I was cute. Also - there is only ONE photo of me in a bikini ever taken - I was maybe 6 or 7 - and I was making a God's Eye at Lee's Pond - my mother said the reporter didn't take photos of any other kid that day... Also creepy. But again, she thinks it's because I was cute. So maybe I was.

Scott - Thanks - I'm laying off the interview memes now. Wouldn't want to push my luck.

Shannon said...

That stuff isn't creepy, LOL. It must've been because you were cute!!