Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Deeper Shade of Pale

OK, ladies and gents, I'm looking for advice.

I am, as you can see from the photos on my below post, about as pale as a human can be. In the summer, I'm pale, but this time of year, I'm almost gothic. In so many ways, I love the way my skin looks - and I love that the religious application of SPF 45 during the summer months and SPF 30 September through April keeps my skin looking very smooth and relatively unlined.

But I have to wear a very sunny, very bright colored, very satin dress for a wedding in April - and I'm feeling, well, pasty.

Exhibit A (note: Could they put this dress on any darker a model? Now they've gone and tripled my doubts):

I'm not a fan of the way my arms look in things without sleeves or the way my legs look without a pair of tights or fishnets or something covering them - and I'm even less a fan when I don't even have a nice sprinkling of freckles and a slightly less pale than winter snow complexion to show off in said garment. So, I've been looking at some options and I need opinions and/or advice from anyone that might have information that could be helpful as I try to decide how to fix it so that I feel cute and lovely in the wedding attire I'm being asked to wear.

First, I've seen lots about body lotions - from Jergen's and other companies - that are applied at home and that take just a week or two to give you a "healthy glow." Has anyone tried these? Do they work the way they say they do? Are they splotchy? Do I have to apply it EVERYDAY (I'm kind of a commitment-phobe when it comes to this stuff)?

Next, I've been thinking of a spray tan. Apparently, it's not just a spray on bronzer; they use some kind of sugar compound sprayed on your body to turn the very outer layer of your skin a "golden-brown." Has anyone tried this or do you know anyone who has? Did they come out looking orange? Do you think, if I'm golden brown I'm going to look freakish because I'm usually so damned fair?

I know this likely sounds vein, but it's really not. I'm incredibly self-concious and I would like to look and feel comfortable as I help one of my best friends to have her most unforgettable day!

And another thing - where in hell am I going to put my pump? Yikes! I'm going to have to refer back to an entry I know Kerri made a looonnnnggg time ago!


Anonymous said...

i revel in my whiteness. i have never had a tan line problem!!! my husband moans at me for being so pale, but hay, this is me and the way my skin is. I too have thought about how i would look with a spray tan, and come the conclusion that i would feel so self concious of a tan as it is just not part of being me. Enjoy the day and think of all those pre raphelite beuties that didnt have skin cancer. M

Anonymous said...

I tried the Jergens stuff and it is decent but you will end up with a few splotchy orange areas especially where you sweat. The inside of my elbows did not look good :). It also takes some time to soak in so wait for 10-15 minutes before you get dressed.
As for where to put the pump - I have been known to employ the occasional holster (not enough bra to put it in). I bolused in the restroom because as I have never been able to function with the remote. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Have someone apply a tan by airbrushing it on you. The spray tans at tanning booths where you go into a booth are horrible and only leave you with streaks. My boyfriend and I both got airbrushed and we loved it! You can go as light or dark as you want. It's a little uncomfortable at first but you can wear undergarments if you feel more comfortable. Plus it lasts at least 8-10 days and usually doesn't cost that much. Really worth it...and safe!!

Nicole P said...

Anonymous #1 - I love my shade of pale, for the most part, but I also know how to dress it - and I'm gonna feel totally uncomfortable in that dress if I'm the shade of stark white I am right now!

Sara - I like the idea of the holster, but I'm nervous about it staying up. I'm thinking of doing one of those body suit things that has bike short legs and just putting the pump in the leg.

Anonymous #2 - About how much does airbrushing cost? Also - do you know of any places in the RI area that do it?

J said...

Hi Nicci,
Please forgive me if you did not read my commet on my blog after you left yours I AM SOO SORRY I really have no Idea what I am doing on myspace and my friend helped me put my picture up but now I dont know how to do anything else ... I saw you requested me as a friend and I thought that I accepted ? and then I did not know how to find yours or email I am so sorry it was not intentional ... I would never Deni ya your one of my favorite bloggers I love reading your post and keeping up with your life ... I just have no idea what I am doing on myspace recently a friend left me a hello on there and I do not know how to say thanks ? I am gonna try to play with it more and see what I can learn .... so hope you forgive me hugs JUL

Shannon said...

Oh I'm so white people need sunglasses to look at me or I'll burn their corneas.

I swear by L'Oreal Sublime Glow in the light tone. It gives a nice healthy tone rather than a fake orange tan look. Use it a couple of weeks before the event and apply everyday as though you would moisturizer...

Also, if you'd like to go with stockings...go with a nude...will be slightly darker than your white skin, and will look like you have bare legs.

That is my advice..... :)

Julia said...

Ditto the nude stockings.

I'd stay away from tanners, to be honest. You are very pale and it may just turn you into an oompa loompa. If you really want to see what they do to your skin, go buy a couple of kinds and just use it on your belly, where it won't show (except to Bob!) and that will give you an idea. You can try different strengths.

Yes, if you use a slow self-tanner, you'll have to use it every day. I used Jergen's for dark skin and it didn't do much to me, but I have olive-ish skin to begin with.

I've never tried the airbrush things and I would stay far, far away from the tanning beds.

Do you know anyone who works for a salon? Who won't try to sell you? Because you might ask him/her for some honest advice.

eden said...

the only advice i can offer on the "tanning" is try whatever avenue you decide upon far in advance of the wedding--in case it doesn't work for you. i, too, am really pale, and apparently, really bad at applying self-tanners as i always miss spots. my mother-in-law swears by the neutrogena spray, but i couldn't get that even, either.

i am really writing to thank you for all your help to my best friend, paige at tnmtcur. your comments today made me cry in that you were so quickly able to help her and that you took the time to be so thorough. just over 2 weeks ago, i knew nothing about diabetes. now i am slowly learning and am amazed by all the support paige has found through you and other bloggers. so i thank you and i suspect, i will thank you some more.

Shannon said...

The L'oreal won't make you look like an oompa loompa...take it from a whitey.

Steph said...

Hey Nicole! Glad to see your recent posts. I had to go to a pretty special occasion once during the summer without a tan, so I called a salon that did the "airbrush" tan thing (they spray it on for you basically). Other than being fairly uncomfortable because I was nearly naked in front of a complete stranger, it was well worth the money because I didn't have to worry about screwing it up. As for where to hide the pump, I'm a fan of the holster thing too, it usually stays in place for me.

Kerri. said...


I've used the L'Oreal stuff Shannon mentioned, too. It worked well for me - didn't get orange. But I applied it with precision and then dried my legs with a hairdryer to make sure it wouldn't smudge. I know there's a spray tanning place in Warwick but I can't remember where and I also know that a lady from my Former Hellish Office (that is only useful for spelling bees) ended up with orange feet because the spray collected in a concentrated manner below the ankles.

Hose is a good idea. And, as previously mentioned, good ol' L'Oreal. WIshing you luck!!

In the meantime, I'll send you the other half of that sandwich. :)

Shannon said...

OOOHH hadn't considered using a blow dryer!! Great idea....

I'm usually in the nude picking up clutter and straightening the bedroom until it's safe enough to get dressed, LOL.