Friday, September 29, 2006


Do you still have tonsils? Indeed. I pretty much have all the parts of my body, except for some insulin producing cells in my pancreas.

Would you bungee jump? Sure would.

If You Could Do Anything In The World For A Living What Would It Be? Write, read to well-behaved children, collect bottle caps.

How many tattoos do you have? Several.

Your favorite fictional animal? Boo-boo

One person that never fails to make you laugh? Bob. I laugh pretty much everyday because Bob's in my life.

Do you consider yourself well organized? Yeah, no.

Any Addictions? Trashy magazines, shoes, TAB cola.

From what news source do you receive the bulk of your news?
Google news,, the NY Times.

Would you rather go to a carnival or circus? Carnival. The rides, the games, that feeling of who knows what will happen next! in the air.

When you were twelve years old, what did you want to be when you grew up? At 12, I think I may still have been on the lawyer/president who had published a novel kick.

Best Movie You've Seen This Year? Spellbound. Seriously. Nothing better than really smart kids in competition and their sometimes freakshow parents.

Favorite alcoholic drink? Blue Hawaii

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Get up, get showered, get tested.

Siblings? Two brothers - one older, one younger.

What is the best thing about your job? The tangible difference I am making in the lives of people who need our organization.

Have you ever gone to therapy? Yes. I found it to be a distinct waste of my time.

If you could have one super power what would it be? Invisibility or the ability to fly.

Do you own any furniture from Ikea? No, not yet. But Bob and I are headed there this weekend. So, you know, I will.

Have you ever gone camping? Yes. And I like it.

Gas prices! First thought? Conspiracy. Honestly, politicians must think we're complete idiots. How is it that gas prices have dropped a full .60 per galloon - ever so conveniently - just before this mid-term election.

Your favorite cartoon character? The imaginary friends from Fosters - and the Smurfs.

What was your first car? A 1973 VW Bug that became known as Crusty.

Do you think marriage is an outdated ritual? Yes. I do.

The Cosby Show or the Simpsons? The Simpsons. Though, these last few seasons have started to get a little soft - in my opinion.

Do you go to church? I used to go to a UU meeting house - and would like to start doing that again. Those places are brilliant for a free exchange of opinion and ideas - then again, they're not really churches - are they?

What famous person would you like to have dinner with? Vincent D'Onofrio or Al Gore.

What errand/chore do you despise? The dishes or the laundry. I don't like cleaning bunches of dirty things. Gross.

First thought when the alarm went off this morning? Ugh.

Last time you puked from drinking? Awhile ago now. Maybe a year or so.

What is your heritage? Mostly Irish - with some Scotch Irish mixed in. My mother insists there's some native american blood in there - but I've not been able to trace it at all. I'm pretty much a full-out mic.

Favorite flower? Daisies or lilies, please.

Disney or Warner Bros? I don't care at all. Sad.

What is your best childhood memory? The field and Lake Winnapausakee.

Your favorite potato chip? Eh - whatever. I guess if I HAVE to eat chips, I'll take those veggie chips from Whole Foods Market. Those are OK.

What is your favorite candy? Swedish Fish. Yummy.

Do you burn or tan? I don't do either anymore - I don't want wrinkles or leathering looking skin, so I slather on the 45 or avoid the sun altogether. But when I go in the sun sans block, I burn badly.

Astrological sign? Cancer.

Do you own a gun? I don't. But I have no problem with people owning them legally and safely.

What do you think of hot dogs? Yum. Love them. With grilled buns.


julia said...

Vincent D'Onofrio. Yummmmmmm. God, I lust after that man. I hate, hate, hate that they've split L&O:CI with Chris Noth. He's no Bobby Goren.

Nicole P said...

Totally agreed, Julia. I was so pissed about the split thing.

Sandra Miller said...

Awww man, I loved Boo-boo.

And what, pray tell, is "Swedish Fish?"

Nicole P said...

I also posted this photo in my blog. Boo boo was so great. Yogi took that little guy for granted.

Sandra Miller said...

Thanks-- I must try some :-)

And you're right. Yogi totally took Boo-boo for granted.

Kerri. said...

I. Love. Trashy Magazines. In a way that makes me feel a little bit dirty.

And what is a UU meeting house? I've never heard of one.

Nicole P said...

Trashy magazine = one of my main forms of personal entertainment :).

UU meeting house = Unitarian Universalist meeting house. I used to go to the Murray UU "church" in Attleboro. It was great, at "church" people would read poetry, pieces from various theologies/philosophies, other creative writing pieces, etc. We'd talk about them. UU meetings further opened my somewhat opened eyes to the idea that "god" is more a personal, internal dialougue for many people than an omnipresent being that put us here to operate of our free-will or on some predetermined path.

A wonderful place, it is. I live way too far to go now - I need to find one down my way.

This is their credo -
Murray Church is a progressive spiritual community that celebrates an open, tolerant and thoughtful search for spiritual meaning.

We welcome all who seek an environment of mutual tolerance and friendship and a free faith in a free society.

Not to mention, the UU women were the people who bought the land for the Barton Camp and created the place we love so much. In fact, the Clara Barton Guild is still the main community-service arm of the International UU community. Pretty cool.