Monday, August 07, 2006


Congratulations to my good friend, Autumn Grant, who on Saturday was crowned "Ms Wheelchair America."

I am incredibly proud to count Autumn as a friend. We met in high school - and reconnected again in the past year. I'm so pleased that we did.

Autumn is a beautiful, witty, smart, and funny woman - who inspires everyone around her - including me - to be the best person they can be. She is larger than life. Funny, when I think of Autumn, I never think of her as a friend of mine with Muscular Distrophy or a friend of mine in a wheelchair - I think of her as my friend who makes me laugh or who likes mexican food from Tito's or Harry Potter just as much as I do. I think of all of the things about her that are not defined or explained by her illness. And I love that.

In the next year, Autumn will travel the country to represent the Ms. Wheelchair America organization - and speak on her platform "Independence through Education."

The mission of the Ms. Wheelchair America Program Inc. is to provide an opportunity for women of achievement who utilize wheelchairs to successfully educate and advocate for individuals with disabilities. The organization could not have found a more accomplished, poised and eloquent representative.


Vivian said...

That was lovely. Thanks for sharing this with us and tell Autumn congratulations.

Kassie said...

There's a nice writeup of Autumn in this month's PC Alumni publication! Go Friars!