Friday, June 02, 2006

Quick Update

Thank you for all of your warm wishes and prayers!

Daniel's two surgeries are completed. Next week, he'll be fitted for contact lenses designed for infant's eyes. Can you imagine? Contacts for an infant? The whole idea scares me quite a bit. As usual though, my brother is taking it in stride. The docs have warned that the baby may still have some serious vision trouble in the next few years -- they've described that his vision will most likely be akin to the way that someone without his condition would see underwater. But he'll be able to see and that's what counts.

I'd ask for your continued thoughts/prayers as we navigate the next few weeks.


Sandra Miller said...


Thank you so much for the update. I've thought a great deal about Daniel since you last posted of him.

So glad the surgery is behind him, and yes, contacts for an infant do sound more than a little scary, but he (and the rest of you) will adjust. Infants are so amazingly resilient AND adaptable. I'm sure that wearing contacts will soon feel normal to him because he will have known so little time without them.

Hang in there,


Lyrehca said...

Indeed, glad to hear things are going relatively well and that your brother is so calm about it. Hope you're feeling a bit better as well.

julia said...

I'm glad things are going well.

I can't quite imagine putting contacts in a baby. They're so squirmy! Will they be the long-wearing ones or will they have to do it every day?

Nicole P said...

Thanks again, guys.

My brother and sister-in-law take the baby this week; so I'll know more by Friday about the lenses, etc. It sounds like they're specially designed and fitted for infants -- I can't imagine that it'll be an everyday thing, but I'm not totally sure.

On top of this all, my sister-in-law is struggling mightily with PPD. Oi. My brother is really at his wits end. Anyone have experience with or suggestions about encouraging a reluctant and completely in denial woman to get some help with PPD?

Shannon said...

I was just coming here to ask about your nephew.

Imagine that...contacts for infants. Who knows what advancements will come along in the upcoming years.

Best wishes to your brother and his family.

julia said...

I don't know how much he can intervene. Does he have any kind of relationship with the OB? Could he call up and ask about it? Maybe it would get things going when she goes in for her 6-week checkup. Or maybe he can just go with her and say something at the appointment. Depends on how open her doctor is to that sort of thing.

PPD sucks. I hope she realizes that she needs help, for everyone's sake.

J said...

Thanks for the update Nikki fingers crossed and toes too and always in my thoughts ,

J said...

Have not seen you around how is everything going ?