Monday, January 02, 2006

Further Commentary

Although I know that there is not much need for further commentary about the "Two Roads" discussion from Diabetes Talkfest , I thought I would post the following, because I believe it is relevant to the discussion.

I was reading People Magazine this week, and there was an article about Nate Berkus, an interior designer who survived the Tsunami that hit Indonesia/Thailand/Sri Lanka/India last year. He lost his long-time partner in the disaster and has spent the last year making an amazing physical and emotional recovery.

Toward the end of the article -- told in his own words -- he writes,

"These are my gifts, the gifts that I have paid a price for. While I would never have chosen to pay that price, these now are the gifts I could not live without."

The entire article is inspiring, but this quote sums up much of how I feel about my life with diabetes. There isn't much I could add to it... I just felt like sharing it.

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