Friday, December 30, 2005

By Request

I see that I am not excused from "tagging..." despite my OC-newness...

Here's my list of the tagged. Please proceed to tell us five random things about yourself. Thank you.

Julie, who attended CBC with some of us OCers and is new to blogging... Julie, jump right in.

Keith, who has not officially posted anything yet, but who won my attention with his shared dislike of "orange" lights.

Jay, who made the mistake of noting his "not tagged-ness" on Kerri's blog.

Megan, who first pointed out I am NOT excused from tagging.

That is all.


J said...

Hi Nicci after long hard work I think I got it ... I had to make a new page which is the one I will be using it is called Kiss my sweet sticks can you change your link to that one ? thanks Julie

Keith said...

Thanks for the 'tag' Nicole. I've been meaning to work a little more on my site. I'll consider this the motivation to git 'er done!

Megan said...

Serves me right. *goes to post random racts...*