Sunday, December 18, 2005

Landmines... Averted... Sort of.

What a great time we had at the Holiday Party last night. We met some nice folks, I got to see good friends that I don't see often, and I pretty much averted any major BS disasters.

By the time we arrived, I had decided that my course of action would be to get the most information I could about the food and make a carb/sugar/fat estimate from there and that I would avoid those oh-so-innocent sounding cocktails. I talked with our hostess, Sheri, before digging in to the latkes... I thought 15 carbs for each given the ingredients, with the bolus slightly extended because they're fried in oil. I had four, plus some shrimp cocktail, a few bacon-wrapped scallops (mmm....) and two small pretzel sticks dipped in semi-sweet chocolate and caramel (carb/sugar estimate, 15 grams a piece with 6 grams of sugar...) I ate at around 8:30. Pre-'meal' test at 123. After bolusing, I didn't think much about it at all, confident I had taken a smart tactical approach.

As we were packing up to leave at 10:45, I retested. I was feeling slightly dizzy -- but I thought I might just be tired. Bloodsugar (drum roll, please....) 62. Ooooo.... Overshot by a few hairs. Sheri -- who is nothing less than wonderful -- got me some orange juice. Alrighty then. At 15 minutes later, wth my bloodsugar at 78, Bob and I climbed into the car and trekked home.

Another science experiment I would have probably gotten about a C- on if I were being graded. But, I tell you, internally, I give myself a B, maybe even a B+. I didn't not enjoy myself, I didn't not have any of the delicious food spread out before me... I took a risk. And I came pretty close to succeeding. Better yet, I have valuable information that I can use next time around.

Yeah, I give myself a B with the words "Nice Job!" penned in red ink next to the grade.


Violet said...

That's a least a B+ in my book. (But who's grading? Err, well...) Nicely done.

Ellen said...

It's an "A" from a mom. You tried really hard and that in itself is awesome! Latkes have a lot of oil, that slows the rise of the bg from the carbs.

BTW, your writing is extraordinary. As a child, I recall turning around and sheepishly climbing down the ladder of the high dive, because I didn't have the guts to even jump from there.

I'm also happy you have that doll, and that your mom bought it for you.

Keep writing:-).


Kerri. said...

I'm on board with giving you an "A", too, Nicole. You partied and survived with just a scraping of a low. Success, in my book.

But, as V. said, who's grading?

And I love your blog. Love it. I check in regularly and am always touched by what you've written.

Coffee. January. It's on.

julia said...

Only on a diabetes blog could you type in BS and have everyone know automatically that you weren't discussing bovine excrement.

Excellent job with the bolusing. I'd be giving myself an A if it were me, and I don't grade on a curve. :D

Nicole P said...

Thank you guys. I guess the only one really "grading" is me. You know when you don't want to screw up how well you've been doing with just a few bad moves? That's the "when" that I'm at now.

Julia, I'm laughing at my desk out loud. I guess it doesn't really matter, as my coworkers already think I'm nutty (um, not that they're wrong altogether)... But it's funny -- in an out loud sort of way --that BS is not BS here...

Kerri -- We're on -- for sure.

PS. I'm pretty much addicted to this writing and reading outlet now. Thanks again.

d double e said...

Ahh.. Latkies.. they make Bailey go through the roof, but they are so freaking good.

Crap. I need a kleenx to wipe my drool.

OK, I just grossed myself out.