Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I have a new "boyfriend..." Shhhhhh... Don't tell Bob.

I also proved to myself that I have a "type" when someone told me - "he looks a lot like that other guy you like, the one from Law & Order CI." Sue me... I like odd looking men.

Mark Ruffalo - swoon!


Hannah said...

Vincent Dinofrio? (sp?) Love him! Maybe not in a hot dude way, but whatever. I'm not one to talk. I like skinny dorky guys. Ben Folds? That one dude on 'Ugly Betty'? Cillian Murphy? HOTT! :)

Nicole P said...

Vincent D = Totally hot to me.

Ben Folds... I feel the same way - love him! But not in a hot dude way... LOL.

Cillian Murphy, though, we can agree on. HOTT for sho!

Lili said...

I did notice he looks like him, but he's just not as Goren.

That reminds me, ever see Vincent D'Onofrio in Adventures in Babysitting? *cough*