Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thank you and a request

First, I want to say thank you to all who commented on my last post with your condolences and love. It is just amazing how supportive and filled with grace this community is. I hope you all know just how much appreciate the boosts you give me in this life. They make all the difference in the world. I know that Mim has moved on to some place free from the pain that had imprisoned her for too many of her final days - I hope that she will continue to bring those of us who love her signs and symbols from whereever/whatever she is now. We'll miss her deeply.

Mim was a cousin on my father's side, but my parents families were from the same neighborhoods - and my mother's sister, my Aunt Kathy, spent a ton of time with Mim and her sister Ann when they were growing up. I know that Mim's death has left her feeling a little lost. She wanted to do something to remember Mim in a positive way that would make a real difference. She asked if I might want to walk with her for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer two weeks from Saturday. We'll walk in Mim's memory - we'll walk to ensure that fewer - and hopefully, someday no - families will have to bear the sadness of the loss of their mother, their sister, their cousin, their friend to breast cancer.

I know the economy sucks. And I know many of you are raising your own money to fight diabetes or to support causes that you believe in. Thank you for the difference you make.

I hope you'll consider contributing to support my Aunty Kathy and I as we remember Mim.

You can donate here:

Fighting for Mim

Every bit will make a difference. And if you can't donate - please continue to think of us - especially Mim's daughters as they struggle with the loss of their mom.

Thank you again, my good (internet weirdo) friends.

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