Thursday, August 14, 2008

This Is It!!!!

So, you all know my friend Shelley (Shells Bells) is trying to become the December Calendar Pinup at Kitten Koffin Zombies.

Well - voting ends tonight at midnight and we need your help to push her up and over the top.

So - please - if you haven't voted - head on over there now and do it! Here's the link: Kitten Koffin Zombies Contest...

And if it's been twenty four hours - please vote again... :)

I will be forever, and ever, and ever grateful!!!

xo - The Curious One


Scott K. Johnson said...

We're doing it! We're doing it! She's pulling ahead! YES!!

Nicole P said...

Thanks so much!!! To everyone who's voting :) Yay! Go Shells Bells!