Wednesday, February 06, 2008


A thank you to Chris at the Big D - who sent me this in a Sussy!:

I am a BIG Ramones fan, but this is one disk I'd never purchased for myself - so I'm thrilled to have it!

Thank you!

And a note to my Sussy recipient - who shall for now remain nameless - I had to re-send your sussy as it came back to me the first time. It was sent priority mail today... Apologies.

And more gratitude - to Amylia and Beth for setting this up - so much fun!


Donna said...

Chris did a great job of finding you one that you didn't already have. Very nice!

Amylia said...

Yay for Chris! And the Ramones! And the sussy circle! And you!

I'm glad you liked it--I know Chris was worried that you might not and was hoping you'd enjoy what he sent! :)

George said...

I am so lame for not joining the Sussy style. IT is a very cool idea.

Chris said...

I got the feeling you were a Ramones fan so I was worried that you had this one. So glad you like it. I feel better about my choice of Sussy.