Thursday, February 28, 2008

Meter Codes

Meter Codes...

When I'm low you vex me.

Can you someone please explain why the meter companies can't just make all their strips have ONE code?

Pick a random number - I don't care - a 4 would do. And 4 is my least favorite number.

Just make it so I don't have to remember to change the code. Every. Single. Time.

I know, I know, there are machines that have no coding... But those machines aren't covered by my insurance company. So that sucks.

How about just picking 4? And making it the number?

Can someone do that please? Me and my 32 mg/dl would be forever grateful.


np said...


Nicole P said...
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Hannah said...

Bleh, what a pain in the arse. Coding is really annoying, but sometimes I find it doesn't make a lot of difference when it's wrong. A short while ago, I forgot to re-code for my new test strip vial. I realized I'd probably done this for a couple of days. So, without recoding the machine, my test was something like 150. When I recoded, it was 170.

I wonder what the average rift in your numbers would be if you always have an improperly coded meter?

Penny said...

The coding gets to me too Nicole.

We just got a free Freestyle Lite meter that doesn't require coding. We are going to start using it in a few days when the new strips arrive.