Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Food! Oh, how I love thee... And hate thee...

Over at Blogabetes today, I make a compromise with a piece of cake. I'm sure the cake would have been yummy, if it hadn't come with a side of calorie and insulin-dosing guilt.


Colleen said...

I left you a comment at Blogabetes. I love the way your food talks to you.

Mandy said...

Your cake clearly needed a time out. Maybe then it will play nice.

Unfortunately, that inner argument concerning food and guilt is doubly cruel. While it is life sustaining, it is also threatening. Something we must face everyday. I just faced my first holiday feast under the D-cloud, and it puts a whole new spin on family and fun.

k2 said...

I am always compromising with cake, or peanut butter cups, and the ever present call off ice cream!
Do I crave this because of Diabetes or because I have a terrible sweet tooth??
I just read your blog for the first time and really like your writing style!
So glad I checked it out!
Kelly Kunik