Thursday, October 18, 2007


I think I might be addicted to buying shoes.

I DO love fashion. Of all kinds. I am tres' disappointed with the Simply Vera Wang collection at Kohls, though. Most of it is loose and flowy (read: does nothing to compliment anything but a wiry frame, and even then, not so much), like this:

And what isn't loose and flowy looks a little like something Sister Mary Catherine would wear... Ala this:

Not to mention that the colors are just blah. Too much oatmeal, too much grey, too much blech.

BUT - and this is where my shoe addiction becomes important - because I really didn't NEED another pair of shoes - I HAD to buy these today:

The photo doesn't even do them justice. They are so freaking cute. And I'm going to wear them with the most adorable cobalt blue baby-dollish type dress and black opaque tights on Saturday night... Because it's alright for fighting - but it's also alright for looking super duper adorable. A perfect fall outfit - hopefully for a perfect fall evening.


Amylia said...

Oh, yeah, I'm with you on the Vera Wang stuff. Drab and not flattering. Here in Taipei, that style is totally in, too, so all you see is that kinda stuff, though they do come in many colors.

Adorable shoes. I really like those, though I'd probably kill myself wearing them. I have such high arches and wide feet (not to mention I'm a total klutz) that it's hard to find cute shoes that work!

Here's to your wonderful fall evening. Take a picture of the outfit! Well, you IN the outfit, preferably. :)

Jillian said...

A post about shoes has me de-lurking.
I have been reading your posts for awhile, and you are an amazing writer. You are also an amazing inspiration to someone growing up with diabetes.
Now to Vera. Her collection was so not made for anyone above a size 4. It's horrible. At least shoes usually fit, and those are gorgeous shoes!

Nicole P said...

Amylia - I may just post you a photo :). The shoes are actually very comfortable, because the heel is wide - not spiked... Drab, unflattering... Ugh. I wish it looked better.

Jillian - Thank you for delurking and thank you for you comments - Sometimes, I don't feel like much inspiration. Vera is probably a size 4 herself, so I can see how the clothes would be suited for a lil thing... But at least make them in some decent colors, right?

Would it be OK if I add a link to both of your blogs to my page?

Thanks! Nicole

kitter said...

Nic... what size shoe do you take?? Can I borrow those please?!

Nicole P said...

Kit - Sometimes a 6.5 - sometimes a 7 US - 38.5 or 39 European... Little feet... If you take my size - or close - you may borrow them anytime... Though I'd have to ship and we'd have to trade... Show me your goods! :) N

kitter said...

darn woman with little feet. Mine are nearly as big as my mouth. Sigh. Size 10.

Nicole P said...

They're about the only truly little thing on me, Kit - well, except my hands, which are also tiny.