Sunday, September 30, 2007

Looking for Some Parental Guidance

Not for myself, but for a friend.

Please take a minute to pop on over to Blogabetes and check out my post there. A friend of mine is in need of advice from my esteemed friends in the OC - especially from parents and people who've lived with diabetes since childhood.

I hope you all had a great weekend!


Steph said...

Again, so sorry for the long response on Blogabetes post. It's such a sensitive subject for me that I feel strongly about. Great post! I'm so glad people are talking about this and I'm glad you are the kind of person who is comfortable suggesting to to your friend there may be another way of dealing with diabetes emotions.

Nicole P said...

Steph - Never apologize for a long comment. I think being allowed to express one's emotions is a vital part of appropriate diabetes management. Pent up frustration and sadness clearly can't have a good impact on control... Or outside relationships. And, I liked that you made the point that having to repress thos emotions makes a child feel guilty - and maybe more prone to trying to please with bloodsugar readings - rather than being honest and seeing even "not good" readings as data. More at Blogabetes. I'm glad to get people talking about something I think is so important! - N

Chrissie in Belgium said...

LOVELY - i adore Klimt. I have in fact this very same pic on the wall. The two heads shown here are just a small section of a larger piece that is magnigicent. I have seen original Klimts un a special exhibition in Berlin and I was surprised that many were NOT as "sparking" as the reproductions. Klimt also does tremendous landscapes. You must also like Schiele! Good stuff!

I have mixed ideas about HOW parents should help their diabetic children. My Mom EXPECTED me to manage it. She saw that I went to Joslin and was taught as much as possible so I COULD manage it. And from then on I was never babied. I hid angel food cake in a drawer in my desk - and boy did I get shit for that! She loved me and she wouldn't accept that I didn't take care of myself. And it was MY job. If I chose not to care for myself properly it was me who would have to live with the consequences. And that is the truth of the matter. The negative side of this "hard-philosophy" is that when I failed, time and time again, I disliked myself. There was nobody else to blame but myself.