Monday, July 09, 2007

An Award? For me....


I am honored that Shannon Shindigger has bestowed upon me this award:

Honestly, Shannon and Kerri are among my top picks - and if I could, I would throw it right back to them - like a football...

But there are so many Rockin' Girl Bloggers... So here are my three:

Sandra at A Shot in the Dark. Sandra sometimes makes me laugh - hard, she sometimes makes my heart ache, but she always leaves me thinking and feeling right out loud. And I am grateful for that. I am inspired by her love for her children, her tenacity in standing up for what she knows is right, and her talent as an artist.

Hannah at Dorkabetic. A poet with a wicked (in both senses of the word) sense of humor. Often she'll write something and I think "Yup, that's what I would have thought/said/done." Dorks of the World unite!

Rachel B at Tales of My Thirties. Even though Rachel won't participate in RollerDerby with the rest of us OC gals because she claims pacifism - I believe she'd probably kick some major ass. An excellent writer, her chronicles of life with diabetes times two, working toward writing for a living, and cats galore, typically leave me better informed and often leave me smiling.

Please, ladies, do pay it forward.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Awesome! VERY well deserved. Rock on.

Sandra Miller said...


Thank you.

I will pay this forward just as soon as I can.

And if Shannon hadn't done it already, you'd be at the top of my list. :-)

(Oh, and hey-- you posted this just one day after my birthday. How's that for some fabulous timing? :-)

Nicole P said...

Thank you, Scott. If I could have given you a Rockin' Female Blogger award, I would have. Seeing how good you say you look in a skirt and all. :)

And Sandra - I mean every word. You and Joseph are such a source of inspiration for me. And Happy Late Birthday. See you soon. Really :D!