Friday, April 27, 2007

Some updates for you - Wedding, New Pump, Family, Things...

The wedding was good. Lots of fun. There were several real freak-out moments by our bride in the three days preceding – but when the wedding actually started, she was calm – collected – and had a great day.

I have made a determination about brides in general, though. This is a photo of a bride in its natural habitat before its wedding:

I challenge you to defy this statement.

Oh and I made the scene in my very satiny dress, feeling much like a beached whale. I guess that is the way of the bridesmaid sometimes though, isn’t it?

Between 11 am (when the wedding started) and 3:30 am (when must of us finally when back to our respective hotel rooms) I downed more Pearl Harbors than I really needed to and then proceeded into a bottle of Boone’s Farm.

The hours between 4:00 am and 7:00 am were not nearly as pleasant at the one’s before. Joy!


In pump news. I am squarely on the fence with my love for my new pump – and my annoyance with some of its quirks. The food database has been enormously helpful, the screen is cool, and the size of the thing makes it easy to hide in my bra – something I could not do with my Cozmo. The extra button pushing can be a pain in the butt. Not so bad.

But I have now cancelled four boluses without knowing it until an hour later when my pump has vibrated angrily against my hip. With other pumps – you have to confirm you want to cancel before the bolus is cancelled – with this one – it’s just one button push – so if I hit it just right – it cancels. It apparently alarms to let me know – and I don’t know why I’m not hearing the alarms – I’m just not. At one hour, if the user hasn’t confirmed that they know the pump has cancelled the bolus, it starts to vibrate – so at least I’m catching it then.

So these things are taking some getting used to. I am anxious to receive my new software so that I can really personalize my new gadget – make the food DB even more useable – set an alarm that might actually register with me.

The great news is, bloodsugars have been fairly stable. My meter average is 137 mg/dl. The past two days have been a nice, smooth ride. Today looked like my diabetic dream:

7 am – 109
10 am – 145
12 noon – 135
2 pm – 116
5 pm – 89

I have had fewer large swings in the past week – especially after meals. So maybe my new little buddy has something to do with that. Or maybe it’s just “new pump theory –“ You know? You get a new pump with new features and you’re just all over it – all over diabetes – all high (or not high) on sugars and carb counting and such… New pump=Temporary improvement in control??


My nephew Daniel turned one year old this week. He simply could not be cuter. We saw him at his birthday party. Daniel and our family could still use your prayers. His eyesight appears to have improved considerably, but he has some developmental delays – with regard to his movement and leg and neck muscle strength really need to improve. They are working with early intervention – and he’s making progress. But this little one’s been through so much already – 3 surgeries in just his first year of life… So any good thoughts you can send would be very much appreciated.

My brother Eric also had surgery this week. I shall not discuss it in any detail here as the procedure was just gross… But he’s home and recovering – so think well for him – pretty please!


In closing, my house is a mess. I know, I know – boring. But has anyone else noticed how time just seems to run right away on us? I keep thinking “Oh I’ll do it this weekend” Then something crops up, someone needs a favor, I have to work AGAIN… And my house is just a mess. So tonight – on a Friday – I am going to Target and buying some new cleaning supplies – hoping that “new pump theory” might apply the same way to cleaning; New cleaning gadgets = Temporary improvement in the cleanliness of the house? Hopefully this mad hypothesis isn’t such weird science. Hell – it makes sense to me….

Not my house - but I wish it was!!! Hoola Hoops all around and undies - awesome!


cesnh said...

Sounds like you had fun - and - I have to be honest, I'm amazed to find out Boone's Farm is still for sale (I thought we drank it all in the 70's).

Megan said...

You said you were getting the Cozmo upgrade, right? The upgraded Cozmo has a food database too, which is nice.

Rachel said...

ohmygosh, Boone's Farm really takes me back to college days...

(There was a night full of Boone's Farm and Goldschlager. The outcome wasn't pretty.)

Johnboy said...

N -

Great to see an update from you in the midst of your busy life. Great bg day you had there. If only they were all...

LMAO on the Boones Farm. On a personal note, I was offered a drink of this as a kid by a juevenile delinquent with whom I was spending the night. Just had a few sips, but I haven't touched the stuff since!

Scott K. Johnson said...

I totally agree with the whole "New Gadget" therapy - though after it wears off I feel weak for trying to rely on external "stuff" to keep me going. I guess whatever it takes eh?

Your pictures are just too funny!!

Hannah said...

Haha, the last I drank Boone's Farm was on my wedding night, because I'm classy like that. Usually I can be spotted at a party swigging it from the huge bottle it comes in.

But it's not like I drink a lot on a regular basis. Once in a while, though...hey, I'm only human. And the husband makes sure I check my blood sugars often when I'm drinking. :)

Steph - your favorite past co-worker said...

Was thinking about how you were doing today and remembered - you have a blog for people such as me! Glad to see you're doing well. I'll check back soon.

Zan said...

Hey my hoop party! I'd recognize those hoops(and undies) anywhere. :)