Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Damn you, Gregg.

Damn you, Gregg.

Damn you and your damned cakes. With their delicious layers of yummy, irresistable goodness. Damn you and your sweet, goopy chocolate, and your melt-in-the-mouth tastiness.

Damn you for being so popular here in Rhode Island, for being the number one choice of employers looking for tasty sweets to have at meetings.

Damn you for being so inconsiderate, making something that I simply cannot say no to.

And you know - yes, you do, Gregg, exactly what you're doing. It's cruel.

86, 128, 119 before you. 306 after you and your damned too hard to bolus for desserts.

Damn you, Gregg, you get me EVERYTIME.


Scott K. Johnson said...

I think my BG went up 200 mg/dl just looking at those pictures...


Lyrehca said...

Why not reduce your insulin-carb ratio by half, and increase the square bolus (both in duration and amount) a bit and see how that works?

Nicole P said...

Scott - You are correct... The photos alone cause a rise in blood sugar... :)

L - This is way on my mind today because we had two Gregg's cakes here yesterday. Death by Chocolate and White Chocolate... The second of those is my favorite! This time I had the White Chocolate and I tried a Combination Bolus (Cozmo term for a Dual Wave) with 40% up front and 60% extended. I don't think I increased the ratio for the extended piece by enough. So I didn't have enough tail end to cover the carbs effected by the fat... Make sense? Luckily, I don't eat Gregg's all that often - but when I do, it is always a challenge... And it's never quite the same from cake to cake. :)

Kassie said...

wow, Gregg's looks way spiffier than when I lived in RI oh-so-many years ago! Or maybe I'm just blinded by the beauty of that lemony looking cake... ;)

Rachel said...

ohhh. nooo.

cass said...

i am half way across the planet, and still can smell them from here. mmmmmm. yummy. it has been TOO long since i have eaten a piece of cake.

Bernard said...

Somehow Death By Chocolate takes on a whole different meaning when you have diabetes.

I think I would find it impossible not to sample (large slices) of each of those cakes.

When bolusing don't forget that some of the fat itself will affect BGs, though hours later. One CDE that I know recommended an 8-hour square wave to cover the fat content.

I wish pumps would allow you to set two square waves. One for the carb slowed down by the fat, and another for the fat itself!

Where in RI is Greggs? It sounds like the kind of abomination that is Mike's Pastry in the North End of Boston. Bad bakeries, bad.

Kerri. said...

I. Love. Gregg's. And you're completely right, Nicole - every workplace in RI thinks that Gregg's is the place to go for desserts for office events. It's torture!

Those cakes require their own reservoirs.