Saturday, November 04, 2006

Just the Facts, Ma'am...

Kerri has tagged me... Now - five random facts.

1. I have a gross addiction to trashy magazines. I am sometimes ashamed that I can't go into a store that carries these magazines without buying at least one - sometimes many more than one. It feels silly and immature. And mostly, I buy them to look at the pictures. Which feels even sillier and more immature.

2. I am a middle child and I have middle-child syndrome something awful. My father used to refer to the three of us as a girl sandwich on boy bread. I thought that was really funny - when I was six. It is not as funny now that I'm in my early thirties.

3. I bite my fingenails compulsively. All the way down to the quick. And the few times I've made an attempt at having "tips" I've bitten those off too. Nerves? Boredom? I don't have a flipping clue. I just do it.

4. I don't like yogurt or honey or tomatoes - unless the yogurt is frozen, the honey is mixed with mustard, or the tomatoes are turned into sauce, salsa, or some other something that's not really tomatoes.

5. I enjoy writing letters. Not notes - though I enjoy writing those too - letters. I like sitting down and writing someone about what's happening here - what's happening there - about anything, then putting the thoughts in an envelope and putting them in the mail. It think people enjoy receiving them too. I believe letter writing is an artform - and one that has been nearly lost in the fast-paced internet age. Seriously - you provide me with an address by email and I'll write you a humdinger of letter.

And... 6. Yes 6. I do not like tagging. So - if you want to share your facts, make a comment - providing your blog address and consider yourself tagged.


Shannon said...

1. I love trashy magazines. I even have a subscription to People (which is the NYT's of trashy mags, LOL).

2. I'll make sure not to refer to Jessica as being girl sandwich on boy bread.

Orsa said...
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Orsa said...

Ooooh I dislike honey AND tomatoes too! Enjoying tomatoes only in sauces as well. Ah, I feel better that there is at least some one else. People always question me on those.

sorry bout the deleted comment. signing in issues.


Kerri. said...

1. I am way into the trashy magazine thing. I read them at the supermarket and have actually stalled checking out in order to peruse more trashy pages.

2. Middle child here, too. No sandwiches, though. :)

3. I, too, eat my fingers. Quick and all.

4. Hmmm ... I like tomatoes but only fresh. I can't stand the diced and cooked kind.

5. Emailed you my address. :)

Sandra Miller said...

This biting of the fingernails down to the quick is something my daughter does A LOT.

I've worried about it from time to time-- but now I'm thinkin' it might be a good sign. :-)